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Area valve service units Caduceus

Area valve service units Caduceus

The availability of modern medical gas supply systems in medical institutions is prerequisite for qualitative medical care. WestMedGroup has produced a wide range of area valve service units Caduceus SU to help engineers and technicians to monitor gas pressure in the gas supply system, and for medical personnel to be able to quickly cut off the supply of gases to certain sections of pipelines.

Comparative table of characteristics of group control-locking devices Caduceuss)
Models* SU-x SU-xE SU-xS SU-xL
Indication Mechanical pressure gauge (vacuum gauge) Electromechanical pressure gauge (vacuum gauge) Seven-segment indicator LCD-display
Alarm system None Yes Yes Yes
The possibility of duplication of light and sound alarm for the nurse's post None None Yes Yes
Gas connectors, types DIN 13260-2
Amount of the connected gases от 1 до 6
Types of gases Oxygen, compressed air of 4 bar, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, compressed air of 8 bar, vacuum, etc.
* - "x" in the model name means the amount of gases
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