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IPS technology in the study of Huntington's disease

IPS technology in the study of Huntington's disease

IPS technology in the study of Huntington's disease

Scientists of Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University have combined the technology iPS (induced pluripotent stem cells) while modeling Huntington's disease in transgenic primates.

Neural progenitor cells derived from iPS-cells of the transgenic monkeys reflect the features of Huntington's disease, which makes them a useful tool for therapeutic analysis of various diseases - from Alzheimer's to diabetes.

Transnational communication system between universities currently allows to obtain expert advice at the other end of the world and accelerate the investigation.

The study's author Anthony Chan, PhD, associate professor and professor of human genetics at Emory University and the Yerkes National Primate Research Center and his colleagues were the first in the world of the creators of the model of Huntington's disease in transgenic animals. HD - is inherited neurodegenerative disease that leads to uncontrolled movements, cognitive impairment, usually in adulthood, impaired communication system, self-service functions suffer. It is caused by a mutation that leads to an excessive synthesis of one aminoacid (glutamine), repeated ten times in the chains of the protein huntingtin. The disease is not as common, but socially significant, and the costs of patients on life improvement can be significant. At the end of the disease leads to severe hyperkinesis, disordered breathing which requires oxygen concentrator, at least bed rest and anti-bedsore mattresses.

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