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Manufacturing of medical equipment

Our company starts production of domestic high-tech equipment for medical gas supply: modern sources of medical gases (compressor and vacuum stations, oxygen generators). The production of medical multi-sectional beds and innovative transport insulators is being established at the same time.

Sources of gas supply

WestMedGroup medical gas supply systems, including compressor and vacuum production stations, meets all modern requirements, international quality standards, is in no way inferior to European analogues, and its cost is lower than imported due to tax privileges of the special economic zone "Dubna", the resident of which WestMedGroup has been since July 2016.

Gas supply

Medical consoles

«WestMedGroup offers a wide range of wall and ceiling medical consoles made of anodized aluminum. This equipment allows you to provide direct access to the patient, and also as comfortable as possible organize the workplace of medical personnel near the operating table or bed.

Bed head units

Area valve service units

WestMedGroup has produced a wide range of area valve service units Caduceus SU to help engineers and technicians to monitor gas pressure in the gas supply system, and for medical personnel to be able to quickly cut off the supply of gases to certain sections of pipelines.

Area valve service units

Medical beds

WestMedGrupp Ltd supplies medical beds with both mechanical and hydraulic adjustment of their height. The multi-section medical bed is designed in such a way that all its mechanisms, nodes, wires are hidden inside the metal parts and do not protrude beyond the dimensions of the bed elements. With this design, it is impossible to accidentally damage or disable the functional units of the bed. Direct contact with the patient is excluded, which significantly reduces the risk of injury. The ability to lock selected bed settings with a special key prevents influence of the patient, which is especially important in pediatry. The medical beds provided by WestMedGroup allow to organize high-quality care for bedridden and non-transportable patients, to optimize and facilitate the work of medical personnel and, at the same time, provide comfort and safety for the patient.

Medical beds

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