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В Московской области запускают производство консолей медицинских потолочных

Resident of the free economic zone "Dubna", WestMedGroup Company, has announced the entry into the market of medical ceiling consoles

Qualified medical care provided by the operating room saves lives. The modern high-tech equipment and technologies are widely used in modern medicine. It is important to ensure the prompt supply of medical gases and power to intensive care units and free access to the patient. The optimal solution for such rooms is the use of universal suspension systems CADUCEUS.

Ceiling medical consoles CADUCEUS are represent as a cabinet of medical gas sources with quick connectors of medical gases and vacuum, electrical outlets for power and low-current outlets for data transmission. It is also possible to install AGSS connectors for anesthetic gases and connectors on the AIR-Motor console for the supply of compressed air to the pneumatic tool. Swivel and swivel-lifting arms as part of the CADUCEUS consoles provide the angle of rotation of up to 360 degrees. The hand brake help to fix the system at a convenient point in space. Medical rails with a bearing capacity of up to 25 kg allow ergonomically accommodate the equipment. CADUCEUS ceiling universal systems are made of powder-coated aluminum, that ensures easy cleaning and hygienic design. A wide range of medical consoles CADUCEUS CC-A, CC-V, CC-VE, CB, CP, C1E-AL, C2E-AL, C1E-AP, C2E-AP are presented in various configurations.

It is worth noting that the development company already received a pre-order for the production of a consignment of batch from one of the largest networks of medical centers. The first batch of pre-ordered consoles is being prepared for release by the end of March. It is planned to release CADUCEUS systems in open sale in mid-June 2020.

The manufacturer of medical wall-mounted and ceiling consoles CADUCEUS is the "WestMedGroup" Ltd. The company has shown significant growth in the field of equipping healthcare facilities since its appearance on the Russian market. Our products are created by experienced engineers and technical specialists using high-quality materials and components. All of this provides the impeccable reliable work and durability of CADUCEUS products.

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