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WestMedGroup will become an exhibitor of the Russian Healthcare Week

The leading manufacturer of domestic medical equipment will present the latest developments in the field of medical technologies at the international exhibition "Healthcare-2021"

The Expocentre Fairgrounds will host the Healthcare 2021 international exhibition, which is one of the central events of the Russian Healthcare Week scientific and practical forum from December 6 to 10, 2021. This event is the largest in the health care field in Russia. The forum allows one to demonstrate medical developments. The event summarize the interim results of the national projects "Healthcare" and "Demography", discuss the development trends of medicine, as well as the implementation of the healthcare program to re-equip hospitals. This year 1079 exhibitors from 40 countries will show their products on an area of more than 50,000 m2.

The WestMedGroup company will present its innovative scientific and technological projects on an area of over 140 m2. Visitors will be presented with wall-mounted medical consoles CADUCEUS - modern multifunctional life support systems of Russian production, combining reliability, functionality, high quality and ergonomics. Wall-mounted consoles are designed for convenient placement of medical equipment at the patient's bed, the possibility of connecting gas mains, as well as for organizing local and general lighting.

The exposition will include models of wall-mounted consoles CN0, CN1, CN2 for hospitals, consoles CN3-1, CN3-2, CN4 for resuscitation and intensive care units, consoles CN5-1 and CN5-2 for rooms with irregular use of gases or with limited space, as well as current design solutions used in the modifications of the vertical wall consoles CS07 and CS07L. These unique life support systems serve for the supply of medical gases, power supply, as well as the organization of lighting, and are indispensable for use in the premises of health care facilities, in which it is impossible to install a horizontal wall console with the necessary functionality. Wall consoles CADUCEUS are distinguished by a unique design solution and manufacture using modern production technologies.

A wide range of models allows you to select medical equipment depending on the needs of the healthcare facility. In addition to low-current and electrical sockets, universal gas connectors, rails for attaching attachments and grounding connectors, the console can be equipped with oxygen humidifiers, containers for aspirated liquid and holders for them, various regulators and flow meters.

The WestMedGroup stand will also present models of ceiling consoles for emergency rooms CC-A and CC-V, operating and delivery rooms C2-V, C1E-A, C2E-V, C1E-AP, as well as bridge ceiling consoles of models CB and CBN4 for anesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care. The CADUCEUS CB bridge console will be an unique exhibition object.

Ceiling console CADUCEUS CB, made in the form of a horizontal cabinet for medical gases, power supply and lighting with two 2 vertical cabinets, can rotate around their axis or about the axis of attachment, and move along rails. This model can be equipped with shelves, while lasts can be equipped with a brake system, drawers and medical rails.

Visitors will also be presented with CADUCEUS SU area valve units, which have the ability to connect up to six gas mains at a time. They are equipped with electronic sensors that display pressure readings on an LCD touch screen. There is an additional function for transmitting an alarm signal to the post of medical personnel in the event of pressure deviation. Innovative technical solutions used in the production of CADUCEUS area valve units allow to reduce the time for emergency response by medical personnel.

The company's stand will also show one of the modifications of the compressor station - the guarantor of reliable operation of modern medical equipment. Compressor stations provide uninterrupted and stable supply of compressed air of high purity class and required pressure without bacterial impurities and contamination.

The public will also be shown a vacuum unit. This exhibit will undoubtedly be of interest to those who are closely related to resuscitation, postoperative intensive care and surgical operations.

Also on display will be an oxygen generator producing "oxygen-enriched air" with an oxygen concentration of at least 93-95%. This gas is capable of replacing medical oxygen while maintaining the required parameters. The concentrators are made in 6 different standard sizes with a capacity of up to 26 Nm3 / h O2 (KOV) with a possible combination for the required capacity.

It will be possible to look at the ramps for high-pressure gas cylinders at our stand. Ramps with automatic switching are used as independent or reserve sources of gases. Equipped with a device for switching the sources of the ramp, when the pressure in the priority battery drops, it will automatically switch to the spare one. A complete set with an alarm panel will signal the technical staff about the need to replace the cylinder in one of the batteries.

WestMedGroup will also present its own line of cryogenic fittings CADUCEUS, in particular, a cryogenic shut-off valve, a cryogenic check valve and high quality fittings will be presented at the stand. A detailed study of the design solutions of this valve ensures maximum tightness and failure-free operation, while maintaining operating pressure up to 50 bar and operating temperatures from -196 ºC to +120 ºC. Our gas reducers released in serial production at the beginning of the year. Network oxygen regulators SKO-150 and balloon BKO-50 - for working with oxygen, and BPO-5 - for working with propane are used to reduce the gas pressure.

It is worth noting one of the modifications of the balloon oxygen reducer CADUCEUS BKO-50 with a quick connection for medical gases for emergency oxygen therapy. Brass gearboxes ensure system safety at maximum inlet and operating pressures. Pressure gauges allows pressure readings accuracy down to 1 bar. The company's specialists will tell visitors about the features of CADUCEUS brand equipment and its prospects for healthcare institutions at stand 23C70 in hall 3, pavilion 2 of the Expocentre Fairgrounds.

You can register online and get an electronic ticket on the exhibition website

Exhibition opening hours:
December 6-9: from 10:00 to 18:00
December 10: from 10:00 to 16:00

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